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Illinois Ballet Dancing to our future album

entitled THE NEURONS 3-20-04

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(From my album In The Land Where I Come From.)

I want to dance.   I want to dance to the rhythms in stillness.
I don't want to dance hanging on the edge of the stage
whose timbers carry the weight of my own validity.
Lost in my mode of Yahudi-Petty, Ego, constant struggle, breakdown,
shakedown, boogie woogie, hootin shooty,
to the forefront of my need to find myself outside myself.

I want to Dance.

I don't want to dance for the begging of pressed flesh,
brought together in a sequence of rhythms.
In many ways I have nothing to do with those rhythms,
and that's the dance I wanna dance.    Chance.

I want to dance.
To participate, communicate and correlate
through the language of steps.
These steps are my steps, yet they are your steps.
And when your steps are my steps - then pressed flesh is pressed flesh -
brought together in a random sense of celebration;
The celebration not just of my steps, or of your steps, but of our steps.

I Want to Dance