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(This is also performed on my album In The Land Where I Come From.)

Your love is a breath, like natures air cleaned through bending
branches and leaves, that filter impurities, and make love
with molecular precision, that in turn breathes new life back into me.

Your breath flows like love into my breath with rhythms.
Rhythms that hit me like a total molecular change
within nerves and branches. Nerves and branches that bend and swing
as air flows accross, being filtered by the hand of God.

And your breath dances in rhythms, rhythms and movement
that say more than words. Words that simply move volums of air
within atmospheric pressure. Your dance is my breath.
and with it's rhythms, bends my leaves
as my branches reach out to hold you.

And your hands create dances, with every breath they take.
They move with grace, as they adjust the molecular rhythms
of my heart and my soul. A soul that needs your breath,
to sustain life within me.

A soul whose rhythms that, though eventually dance alone,
still needs the spark of your rhythm, to fullfill it's very movement.


(*Heather Thompson dancing to one of our tunes w/ the Illinois ballet 3/20/04)