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...David Hoffman

New feature! Please see this link called A PLACE OF PEACE.
A place where one can go and watch relaxing video's, listen to music, and read gentle stories and poems




David Hoffman was the Trumpet Soloist and arranger for Ray Charles for 13 years. He and Paul Adams both compose music in the area of Meditation/Healing, Jazz, Ambient, New Age, and World fusion. Music is a powerful art form with the power to transform. We feel we're part of a revolution in that we make musical choices free from corporate dictate. Each album takes on a character of it's own whim. Perhaps meditative, then perhaps vibrant, driving and energetic (For ex THE NEURONS). We enjoy the eclectic spice of life ! !


SLEEP.......The Dreaming Flute ........................NEW TITLE !!

Voted Native Flute ALBUM OF THE YEAR ! ..SLEEP is an album inviting you to go deep into the night. Whether Sleeping, Massage, Relaxation, Meditation, or Yoga, this album was composed for those needing the sound of the native flute to slow the world down just a bit. David and I try to pay as much attention to the music as we can - we've both heard albums in large superstores that just didn't itch the artistic side. For us there has to be that invisible something that creates interest, yet can also subjectively sooth.

1. Nightbird
2. The Hollow Wood
3. Solace
4. The Deep Valley
5. Midnight
6. Rain and Wood
7. Natures Embrace
8. Soft Wind
9. Within The Deep Night
10. Sleeping Song
11. The Nights Goodbye

Zone Music Awards ceremony in New Orleans chooses SLEEP as Native Flute Album of the year for 2013 !!


"Adams weaves a magical spell of peace and contentment, flavored with a Zen-like calmness...Paul Adams is a master of his instrument and I highly recommend this album !"


"Adams has created eleven pieces that are both artistic and healing. A vision of healing as consistent as the warmth of the sun’s rays." .....KATHY PARSONS *


"Listeners looking for music to summon the muses of the world of sleep and take them to the soporific shores of the subconscious will find that Paul Adams’ woodwinds are the flutes that dreams are made of." --Raj Manoharan



Paul Adams - Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds ...Purchase at iTunes  AMAZON .. CDBaby

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THE TREE ..........and other stories. ...............................................NEW TITLE !!

David's newest album has that unique ability to offer movement that fulfills the artistic thirst, yet it somehow offers a gentle serenity that is perfect for a gentle massage, Yoga, or relaxation. The music is as open and organic as the stillness reflected in the wonderful cover. Float away and cruise through the branches and allow yourself to be enriched and embraced and steadied by deep seeded roots.

1. It All Flows By
2. The Tree
3. Gentle Steps
4. Peace Amid Chaos
5. Sky Above / Ground Below
6. The Forest Listens To The Sounds
7. Spiritual Shelter
8. The Moon Illuminates The Sky
9. Lullaby
10. The Rain Gently Falls
Former Ray Charles Arranger David Hoffman has pieced together a musical pastiche that masterfully blends jazz, folk, new age, and ambiance, resulting in a hypnotically mesmerizing listening experience.
--Raj Manoharan






HEAVENS .....Further Explorations For The Dreaming Flute ...........paul adams

My approach for this album, Like Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds, was to make music for healng and stillness. There is a slight air of mystery with what I hope is beauty. My background in Ethnomusicology was expressed with my collection of exotic and unusual flutes, and the melodic approach was influenced in my interest in practical mysticism.

1. Dreamtime
2. In A Zen Garden
3. Into The Deep Blue
4. Whippoorwill
5. The Ancients
6. Cloud Floating
7. Grace Befalls The Evening
8. Saddness Will Not Bind Me
9. Heavens
10. The Sky Of Hope

"Adams creates a wonderous musical offering of native American/World Music that calms and invigorates the spirit!"

"If you want music for quiet times, this is the album for you!"

"Like taking a slow luxurious trip down a river . The album helps you remember that nature heals ."

Paul Adams - Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds ...Purchase at iTunes

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CALMNESS OF SPIRIT ..................David Hoffman

David has created a calming and exotic album that tunes in to the deep levels of thought we all need to
connect to a personal sense of peace. Calmness,, offers slow moving harmonies with melodic and rhythmic developement
accompanied by the sounds of nature create a canvas for contemplation, solitude, and healing.

1. The Singing Frogs Of Guadeloupe
2. Julie's Dream
3. Beauty Drifting
4. Pastures A Plenty
5. Close Your Eyes And Dream
6. Evening Meditation
7. The Ambience Of Motion
8. The Purity Of Rain
9. Everything Will Be OK
The Independent Music Awards ....ALBUM OF THE YEAR !!

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See the Flute Meditation page HERE

Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds - Paul Adams ......................meditative native flute

Throughout the years I have become a lover of the deep resonance of the Native American Flute. AND, I'm deeply moved that this beauty touches us through many years of their mistreatment. THIS beauty is open, forgiving, AND touches us, and helps us in a healing way. My particular journey for this album was to focus on the healing aspects of the instrument, and to urge us to be gentle to ourselves. I also wanted to explore some of the boundaries by including middle eastern as well as the Native American Pentatonic scale.

1. As The Sun Rises
2. Atmosphere
3. Waking Loons
4. Stillness of the Day

5. A Shaman's Dream
6. The Bird Dance
7. The Far Sky
8. Water Prayers
9. No Tears
10.The Moon and Stars

"Adams creates a wonderous musical offering of Native American/World Music that becalms and invigorates the spirit. If you want music for Meditation and Quiet times, this is the album for you!" .......NEW AGE REPORTER


"Listening to Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds by Paul Adams is like taking a slow, luxurious trip down a river. Adams peaceful playing of various Native American Flutes is sparse and still... titles such as “Waking Loons,” Stillness of The Day,” and “Water Prayers” - ask nothing more of the listener than to enter a dreamy sound scape that sooths, with almost a sedating quality."


Nominated album of the year in two categories by ........ZONE MUSIC REPORTER

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Paul Adams - Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds ...Purchase at iTunes 

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The swell and very special site forr THE NEURONS

The NEURONS .................a fusion of jazz, world rhythms, and groove

A new experimental project that has been attracting the most attention at our live shows. A rhythmic and poetic amalgahm of Hip movement, Jazz, and Groove, done w/ live dance from The Illinois Ballet.

1. Wild Men of Borneo 
3. Spanish Horizon
4. Saraha Caravan
5. Dance (Fire and Friends)
6. Shuffle and Suspense
7. Miles Redcloud
8. Diamonds and Pearls
9. Funky Tao Duty
10. A Pixelated Irish Groove
11. Island Girl

"Where the hell did these guys come from? They dance and groove like no other..."

"I receive all manner of CD’s for review but one item that recently dropped into my mailbox has completely blown my mind. It’s the CD titled Dance by ex Ray Charles tour band trumpeter / flugelhorn player David Hoffman and Paul Adams."
Smooth Vibes Mag. ENGLAND

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The Neurons   Purchase at iTunes

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Prairie Skies - David Hoffman ..................... new age melodic

An artist never wants to say that one piecew of work is like another. Each piece is a work untoo itself. However for the sake of making things simple PRAIRIE SKIES is along the vein of David's FROM ENERGY TO STILLNESS in mood and texture. Both of them are a bit like leaning back in the chair with a glass of wine. There will be links below where you can get a "taste" for yourself.

1. Sambadori
2. The Forest Primeval
3. Just a Little Melody
4. Mountain Rainbow
5. Pops
6. The Ostinado Boy
7. Red Haired Lady
8. Gathering At Dusk
9. Prairie Skies
10. Tazmanian Sunset
11. Dancing Softly

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The Property of Water - Paul Adams ....................meditative, relaxing, environmental

"This album is built of contrasting elements reconciled in musical harmony. Natural and electronic sounds, water waves and sound waves, instruments of silicon and instruments of wood. This is music motivated by love of the power of sound, not by love of power over sound. Very restful !!   Peaceful!! Headphones recommended!!"
Laurie Spiegel Pioneering computer music sound designer

1. An Opening Flow
2. It Rains in Heaven
3. Of Passion and Peace
4. Reflections from the Water Pool
5. The Serene Dance of Thunder

"Gentle, meditative, serene....One of the best albums of the year!!".................
Wind and Wire Magazine

"The CD is fantastic.. The Property of Water is very soothing... the listening experience is a healing one" ....Renee Blanche KCUR kansas City

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The story behind
the album

Wonder Dancing On Global Bop - Paul Adams fusion

Paul has an "exciting and heady blend of world fusion that leaps from the African Flamenco grooves of A Night On The Moors, to the ethereal evocations of Gamelon Nights, and the aboriginal bombasts of Kalahari. Along with the Gypsyesque and poetic Les Joueurs, Adams paints an astounding musical journey both serene and inventive!" John Deliberto ECHOS and Tower Records PULSE Magazine.

  1. 1. Molly's Happy Lament
  2. 2. A Night on the Moors
  3. 3. Pimiteoui Water Chant in Nine
  4. 4. The Great Prairie Back Step
  5. 5. Gamalon Nights
  6. 6. Zorro and the Fat Man
  7. 7. Mister Kit's Casbah
  8. 8. Kalahari
  9. 9. Les Joueurs
  10. 10. Amazing Grace

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Paul Adams - Wonder Dancing On Global Bop   ...To Purchase at iTunes

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In The Land Where I Come From - Paul Adams ....................poetic, melodic

Paul's album brings beat, song, and poetry together with "bop" and mysticism. The range runs from Jazz to ethereal Tibet, and offers one a sense of swing and hope, that runs through time and space. Dave Hoffman blows an absolutely phenomanal trumpet over Adams' scat poem I Wanna Dance and Kit Watkins' ( From Happy The Man and Camel ) magical solo on the tune Cowboy ( Adams' "ode" to old progressive rock masters. ) is like an elf on ice skates. Other guests include Dr. Kyle Gregory who also blew some great horn, Doug Knecht on mandolin , and Mark Smith on drums and percussion.

  1. 1. Forever Young
  2. 2. In the Court of the King and the Queen
  3. 3. Diamonds within Silence
  4. 4. Positive Cool
  5. 5. Time Passing Away
  6. 6. Cowboy
  7. 7. Breathe
  8. 8. I Wanna Dance
  9. 9. The Everlasting Everything and Nothing
  10. 10. The Swing Reel Fantasy
  11. 11. In the Land Where I Come From
  12. 12. Levitations Over Butterland
  13. 13. March of the Butterlanders

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Paul Adams - In the Land Where I Come From   Purchase at iTunes

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Various Waves - Paul Adams age instrumental

A melodic blend of acoustic and electronic music that beautifully connects elements of New Age, Etherial, Folk, Ethnic, and Nature. It was rated in the Top Five, and called "the sleeper album of the year!" by Musical Starstreams Radio (The largest commercially syndicated instrumental radio program in America!). Imaginary voyage radio on NPR says, "the concept is brilliant... feeling shifts from song to song offering a variety of moods with a seamless continuity!"

  1. 1. Fayethe
  2. 2. Cascade
  3. 3. Australia
  4. 4. Interlude
  5. 5. An Early Expedition
  6. 6. Twilight
  7. 7. Father's Reminiscence
  8. 8. Doggy Follow De Nose
  9. 9. Dance of the Forest Fruits
  10. 10. Yavea
  11. 11. Elephant Walk
  12. 12. Goodnight

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Paul Adams - Various Waves   Purchase at iTunes

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"a delightful and beautiful album whose musical intensity is awesome!'
Carol Wright
NAPRA Trade Review Magazine


A View From The Plain - Paul Adams ...................acoustic guitar

A stunning portrayal of the prairie that takes Acoustic Finger Style Guitar into uncharted territory. "Full bodied flamenco, southern dobro blues, a touch of Jazz, moving hymns, and beautiful melodies are punctuated by a remarkable variation of Pachelbel's Canon ( beautifully done with guitar, Harmonica and strings. )." The album has reached radio's TOP TEN in Toronto Canada and Heartsong Review Magazine called Adams' work "a delightful and beautiful album whose musical intensity is awesome!' Carol Wright. NAPRA Trade Review Magazine.

  1. 1. Sunrise from a Pixelated Valley
  2. 2. Fandango
  3. 3. A Noble Tune
  4. 4. Sunrise to Sunset
  5. 5. The Color of Peach
  6. 6. The Spanish Plain
  7. 7. Mid-day Romp
  8. 8. Fall Harvest
  9. 9. Three Legged Puttle Put
  10. 10.A Cowboy's Canonn
  11. 11. At Prairie's Edge
  12. 12. A Moment of Quiet - Doxology

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  1. Paul Adams - A View from the Plain   Purchase at iTunes

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"Hoffman brings a deep calm pool of rhythm and space that connects with many diverse regions of our world!"
Jeffrey Jones
WBGE FM Jazz Sunday


FROM ENERGY TO STILLNESS ........................melodic, ethereal jazz

Ray Charles trumpet soloistt David Hoffman's debut album has been called "free and sophisticated, yet mouth watering in its transcendencies" by NAPRA Trade Review. It's union of Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, and World Beat inspired Steve Ryals of New Age Retailer magazine to say, "If you have adventure in your soul, you owe it to yourself to get this album AND play it alot!" Heartsong Review Magazine declared, "this is a great album which inspired this reviewers highest respect!"

  1. 1. The Whirling Herbert
  2. 2. For You Freely
  3. 3. Evening Evershine
  4. 4. A Soft and Embered Face
  5. 5. An Interlude Again
  6. 6. The Province of the Plains
  7. 7. Dancing and Ascending
  8. 8. In the Distance

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GROOVIN' - David Hoffman ......................jazz

David's album that integrates the best of Traditional Bebop Jazz with a Latin Influence. Half the album was done in Chicago, and the remaining cuts in Los Angeles with members of the Sergio Mendez Band. Latin with a tradition! The album integrates extraordinarily and guide the listener from the delicate Ballad Piano of ANOTHER YEAR to the ripping FIVE LOVE BISON and SENATOR STUPID.

  1. 1. Groovin' With The Farns
  2. 2. North Pole Cha Cha
  3. 3. Baby Steps
  4. 4. Five Love Bison
  5. 5. Another Year
  6. 6. Monday Night with Larry at Croces
  7. 7. In the Circle of Your Arms
  8. 8. Senator Stupid
  9. 9. April in Perris

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David Hoffman - GROOVIN   Purchase at iTunes

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"There may not be a better modern holiday song in the nation than 'Christmas Lullaby"
Steve Tarter
Peoria Journal-Star

Christmas in Your Heart - David Hoffman .............

As the trumpet soloist for Ray Charles, David creates a unique take on the Christmas season with this CD combining original material and classic Christmas tunes. Utilizing his collection of traditional and obscure brass instruments, and the talents of brilliant musicians and vocalists, he paints a broad spectrum of styles and moods.

  1. 1.Christmas in Your Heart
  2. 2. We Three Kings
  3. 3. O Holy Night
  4. 4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  5. 5. O' Come Emmanuel
  6. 6. White Christmas
  7. 7. Winter Homecoming
  8. 8. Winter Wonderland
  9. 9. Silent Night
  10. 10. Let it Snow
  11. 11. Christmas Lullaby (Praying for Peace)

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David Hoffman - Christmas In Your Heart   Purchase at iTunes

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Paul and Dave's Holiday Page


This Christmas - Paul Adams .......................acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar holiday, decorated with lovely finger style guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer. Imagine "It's a Wonderful Life" serenely painted fom the plains, creating a rural ambience gentle in mood. These traditional songs are a unique yuletide decoration of sound that deeply touches the heart.

  1. 1. The Little Drummer Boy
  2. 2. Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel
  3. 3. The Carol of the Bells
  4. 4. We Three Kings / What Child is This / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  5. 5. Come All Ye Faithful
  6. 6. Little Town of Bethlehem / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  7. 7. Angels We Have Heard on High / The First Noel
  8. 8. Good King Wenceslas / Oh Christmas Tree / Away In A Manger
  9. 9. Ave Maria
  10. 10. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  11. 11. Silent Night
  12. 12. Auld Lang Syne
  13. Auld Lang Syne

"Adams' instrumental interpretations of traditional Christmas fare are simple, peaceful, and evocative.. serene meditative acoustic melodies that avoid the usual holiday vices"

4 STARS Gary Panetta ..................Peoria Journal Star

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Multiple albums

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The David Hoffman Sextet LIVE - David Hoffman jazz

Every now and then a musician gets the opportunity to play with musicians that just "gell". There is no effort. They are there, and things just procede flawlessly. Things just flow. This session was one of those times. The recording is live with no overdubs, and for those who love pure jazz as you hear it in the deep dark streets of New York, or the stage of Montreaux, they will me much pleased.

1. Hello Blackberry
2. Five Love Bison
3. Last Train To Tattori
4. Night and Dave
5. Two-Lane To Toulon
6. I'm Drifting Apart
7. Body and Soul
8. Blues From The Heartland

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