Paul Adams


 "A master of mood whose compositions vary widely!"        Coral Springs Florida FORUM


"Adams is proving to be something of an under-rated and substantial artist".        SOUND MIND




Welcome to where I offer my recent activities. I compose music in a number of styles, so I have organized the music section to MUSIC for my varied eclectic stuff, and MEDITATIVE MUSIC for the gentle, spacial, and environmental work. Hope it reduces confusion. 

My eclectic music runs in genres such as Fingerstyle Guitar, World Fusion, New Age, and Jazz. That's where also have
THE NEURONS, a group with my friend David Hoffman who spent many years playing and arranging for Ray Charles. He has his own music as well - check it out! Very talented. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Because of Satellite Radio like Sirius, Echo's, Music Choice and Pandora, as well as the wonderful Terrestrial and Public stations around the world, I connect with YOU and make a living. How beautiful is that?


I also do other things as well such as writing, photography (Such as background images  in web construction), build musical instruments, and work on various activities within the human condition (Listed under "Arty Stuff"). It's a big mystery down here isn't it?  I hope you have fun playing on the site. Listen to music, meditate and listen to sounds to cool down, read things and interact if you wish. It's a wonderful time to make sound :)